How-To and Installation Instructions

Every box of WOOD tiles comes with double sided tape, installation instructions and pre-designed layouts.

  • Flat or slightly textured walls are ok for the 3M tape
  • If planning to install near moisture an all-purpose construction adhesive is recommended.

Placing the double sided tape

  • On each tile place 3 pieces of double sided tape in a triangle formation and press firmly.
  • Extra pieces of tape are included in case re-adjusment is needed after placing on wall.

Things you will need


Our tiles were created with an effortless install in mind as the only  tool needed is a level to make the first tile straight as each additional tile references the first.

Laying out the design

  • Because of the many design possibilities we recommend laying the tiles out on the ground and playing around
    to see which shape or look you will like the best. There is no right or wrong way  to arrange them so feel free to have some and get creative.
  • Preset designs are included or feel free to check out the BUY page of the website to see other designs.

Be creative and have some fun

  • Use your imagination and enjoy yourself in creating your very own Wall Of Original Design